"Cast shadow" option not working

I’m trying to disable shadows on a object by unchecking “Cast shadow” in the
properties, but the shadows remain. Is this a known issue? Thanks!

Hi, I made some tests with textured object and without any texture too. In
fact the option for cast shadow works but for some reason we can see some very
light shadows on objects which almost looks like an ambient occlusion

Regards, Boris

Hi Boris, Thank you for taking the time to look into this and for your reply.
Do you have any idea how to go about disabling that AO looking “shadow”?
Thanks again.

Hi, You’re welcome :wink: At this time I haven’t yet found a solution, I will talk
to the team about this issue May I know when/why do you use this function ? I
just want to gather some information as it will help us/me to better
understand the usage of the sdk Thanks

I would appreciate that, Boris! Certainly, I use this to place higher
resolution ground markings/textures. I flatten the terrain and then place a 3D
plane with it’s texture about .008 meters above around to avoid z-fighting or
clipping. In order for this to look right, no shadow must be cast or else you
are able to see the object is raised about the ground. Ideally, this would be
achieved using the projected mesh or apron functions, but unfortunately there
is a considerable degradation of the textures when using either, versus using
a basic flat “Scenery” object. I very much look forward to your findings and
thank you again for your efforts!

Hello @lapalabra The issue has been fixed on our side and the fix will be
available with upcoming updates. Regards, Sylvain