CFD Debug Crach MSFS if you open it to fast

Hi MSF, Asobo! MSFS Crash to desktop if you open CFD menu and select monitor
to fast. Latest MSFS drivers 536.23 No overcklocking!

Hello @JacobW Can you provide us with the CrashReport.txt file that is
generated right after a CTD and that is located in **C:\Users
\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\ **please? Also, in that same
folder, If you find some .nv-gpudmp files that match the time you had that
CTD, please send those to us as well. Regards, Sylvain

Microsoft Flight
I took 5 of
the *.nv-gpudmp files. Did not know witch one to take. I run DX11 now it is
more stable, butr I dont like the perfomance.

Thank you @JacobW Also, if you can send us the UserCfg.opt file that is
also in that directory, that would be perfect. Our engine programmers will
have a look. Regards, Sylvain