CFD roll oscillation

So, I copied and pasted the new parameters from the 172’s flightmodel.cfg into
my project. Plane took off and started flapping its wings like a bird.

Well, I guess we can’t just copy and paste them and instead we have to enable
this new feature with lots of consideration… Let’s hope we get some nice
sample in the next SDK or some sort of tutorial regarding how to enable this
properly. All the best, Raul

If anyone else encounters this issue, the key is in these two parameters;
fuselage_rigidity |

This parameter sets the rigidity of the fuselage. If set to -1 then the
fuselage will be considered as having “infinite” rigidity, while values
greater than 0 will mean that applied forces will affect the airframe. The
approximate value for this parameter can be calculated as follows:

  • fuselage_rigidity = distance from the CG in ft at which a force applied yields 50% of it’s effect on the entire airframe after 1 second.

Note that low rigidity will increase the aircraft oscillations, and if the
rigidity is low enough for the time accumulation to correspond to the
oscillation frequency, then you can even get a situation of resonance that
will cause the entire airframe to “flutter” wildly.

Default value is -1, and the value is in
ft. | Float | No
fuselage_inertia |

This parameter sets the inertia for the fuselage, and works in harmony with
the fuselage_rigidity parameter. However, if that parameter is less than or
equal to zero, then this parameter will have no effect. Generally you want to
set this to 1 to start with then tweak it up or down to get the aircraft
behaviour that you require.

Default value is 1. | Float | No