Changing properties of similar items in a group?

Is it possible to change properties of multiple items in a group? For example,
I have let’s say 75 taxiway signs, all same size 4 in the same group. I can
highlight all of them within the group but when clicking on properties, when I
choose to resize from say 4 to 2, it does not seem to work? I just think being
able to change multiple “like” items at one time might be a time saver. Thanks
in advance for any ideas.

Hello @dvlourie , At the moment this is not possible to change properties of
multiple taxiway signs in a group. Regards, Boris

While waiting for a “in editor” solution, Some search/replace in the .XML file
with a texture editor like notepad++ can do wonders when working with bulk
changes Just make sure to make a backup copy of your placement file to avoid
unwanted errors :slight_smile: