Checklist development workflow

Dear Asobo, Would it be posible to improve the development workflow for
checklists? currently in order to develop a full interactive checklist the
process requires to:

  • Write the checklist in .xml
  • Compile in main menu.
  • Load a flight.
  • Test.
  • Exit to main menu.
  • Edit .xml
  • Compile in main menu.
  • Load a flight
  • re-test.

Failing to do so, results in the checklist not being updated, the sim hanging
upon exiting or a full CTD. The major issue is of course the changes we do to
the checklist are not re-reflected via any project rebuild unless we exit to
the main menu. As you must appreciate, the workflow like this is extremely
slow… specially when we are developing (checklist .xml has test codes, etc.
checklist are in a way a developing language) so it is not uncommon to make
mistakes, wrong variable names, a typo… or the requirement to perform very
deep tests with sequences, etc. So having to exit the menu to re-compile and
re-load a flight to rest really slows us down… it would be ideal if we could
just modify the checklist and click project rebuilt without the need to go out
to the main menu. Another big issue with checklist development is the lack of
feedback regarding what is wrong via the developing console. You see when we
do a mistake in any part of the checklist .xml, what happens is either the
checklist partially load or all pages are skipped causing the checklist to
fail to display entirely. However we get zero feedback what is the cause, no
line number, no clues of characters, what is missing, absolutely nothing…
this triggers the developer to start cutting lines, exit to main menu,
compile… load flight check? not loading… and continue repeating for many
many long hours until you find what is the cause for the checklist to fail to
load in the sim. Thanks in advance for your time to read this post. All the
best, Simbol

I am totally with you on this! I have also come up against the same issue with
xml behaviour defs, although these reset on loading my panel .js doesnt and I
have to start the flight again to get it all loaded. A simple reload of X
folder structure could be a good way to sort this.

I noticed the same problem. Some combined changes in the model XML file and in
the checklist file even required a full restart of the sim, otherwise some
changes were not taken into account. It is quite painful when creating a
complete set of checklists.

Hi, ModelBehavior changes should update when you go to the Behaviors Debug
window in Dev Mode and click the “Quick Reload” tab.