Checklist eyeball help?

New guy here. Working on a checklist for an existing aircraft that I do not
have the project files for. (BlackBox Simulations Britten-NormanTrislander) I
have my checklist pages all set, and now I’m trying to enable the “eyeball”
for each of the steps. It looks like I’m going to need a combination of and
to get things how I want. I found a file named “BN3-Interior.xml” that has
some information I thought I could use - but it’s all in a group.

That didn’t work. I can do a
“ForceCamera,” but I’m going to have to define a view for where the item is (a
clipboard next to the copilot). Have to learn how to do that. Where can I find
a list of MS-defined InstrumentIDs? I looked at the SDK docs, and I found some
stuff related to needles, but nothing like “Master switch” or anything like
that. When it comes to the “ForceCamera” stuff, I found the following views in
the Asobo_DefaultCHeckpointLibrary.xml, and they work: Pilot LandingPilot
QuickView_L1 QuickView_L2 QuickView_L3 QuickView_R1 QuickView_R2 QuickView_R3
QuickView_Down QuickView_Up Right_Wing Left_Wing Tail GPS Upper Panel Throttle
Quadrant ENGINES Panel Left Panel Right Am I correct that if I want to specify
exactly where the camera is going, I’m going to need to do that in the
CAMERAS.CFG document? It seems like each view has to have a name that you then
reference in your “ForceCamera” tag. (edit) I was able to luck out and get the
Parking Brake to work. It appears you need both the Instrument ID and the
ForceCamera to get it to move the view to show the highlighted instrument. The
issue is that I’m not going to have access to the original project files. So,
I’ve been trying to use the titles listed above and edit the “InitialXyz” and
“InitialPbh”, but I haven’t gotten it to reflect what I’m looking for yet. I
was able to use CTRL+ALT+1 to assign a custom view to ALT+1… I just don’t
know where to look to access the values of that or how to reference it in a
“ForceCamera.” I know there are folks out there that have done entirely new
view setups for aircraft that were already released, and I’m curious as to how
they’ve done it?

Hello @Latka , Customs views are stored in a file named " cameras.cfg "
located in " %appdata%\Microsoft Flight Simulator\SimObjects " for the
Steam version or "
" for the Microsoft Store version. Regarding the checklist, you should ask the
creator of the original package for more information. Regards, Boris