Chromatic effects on glass

Dear Asobo, Is there a way to make chromatic effects on glass? in previous
versions of the SDK we could do perl effects inside 3DS all Materials, but
this has changed now and only standard materials supports it. This prevents US
from setting chromatic effects for windshield or glass. Below a sample of what
I am trying to replicate in the simulator:

Any advise about how I could
achieve this via current materials? Best, Raul

Hello @Simbol , I understand your needs but i’m afraid there is no way to get
this effect other than on the standard material and the fact that it was
removed from all other materials is due to the fact that it was never
implemented for them even if the option was present. Regards, Boris

Thanks @Boris do you guys think this could be implemented in a distant galaxy
not far away? :slight_smile: Best, R.

Hi Raul, This will be discussed internally but will not be planned in the
short term. Regards, Boris

As a simple workaround, you could try using the standard material, as it
supports transparency. Just put it behind your windshield material.

It causes glitches even if you put the right draw orders… that’s the
problem… R.