Clarification regarding the Javascript framework in the SDK Documentation

In this page of the SDK Documentation it is stated “simplane.js - Provides
calls for SimVar but with an added cache, ie: instead of calling a SimVar
directly, you call a method like getTrueAirspeed() which calls the SimVar with
a cache added to it for better performance. In general we recommend that you
use the simvar.js methods or call the SimVar directly rather than use the
methods in this file.” My question is why should we use the simvar.js methods
or call the SimVar directly given the the the simplane.js methods offer better
performance. Is there a drawback when we use the simplane.js methods?

Maybe someone from Asobo/WT can provide a better answer. My intuition is that
it is an older interface (v.s. the new Avionics Framework). It looks like a
very early attempt at wrapping SimVar.js which doesn’t look suitable for
all/most use cases. If you dig a bit you’ll find it uses local vars like
L:AIRLINER_V1_SPEED which is not documented.

Hello @Yuri The reason is not all simvars are covered in this file. There can
also a bit of logic on top of just reading/writing the simvar that you might
want to avoid and get/set the simvar value directly in some situations. We
will make the documentation a bit more explicit. Thank you for pointing this
out. Regards, Sylvain