Closing projects does not close and my project has no exterior model anymore

Loading my products in community I have no issue so customers seem to be good.
But since SU12 when I load one of my projects it does not show the exterior
for one of the model options. The second model option show the exterior but
does not animate. And the last option works perfect. And I noticed when I
close my PC version of this project which has all 3 models and open the Xbox
version that only has 1 model option due to limitations the other project
never closed and is still available to load from the aircraft selection. Which
would make no sense as I only want to load options from this current project.

For my main big issue here are
my model names for each model folder. This may be the issue. I am testing
today to fix this. But I am ok with sim changes as I am still very happy with
the where this sim is headed…Thanks Asobo!~ 1






We basically used the same exterior model name for all model folders. I have a
feeling this is why and would come back to bite me and I might be right.
UPDATE: Naming the exterior models to a unique name solved the issue. But was
this an actual issue? I mean is it a bug for the new SDK or will we be
required to use unique names for all LOD names even in different model

Hi @Flysimware , This is a limitiation of the VFS. When your first project is
mounted in the VFS, even if the project is closed, the VFS still refers to it
so if you load another project with the same package name, it is mounted in
the same place and I guess this can cause conflicts like this. I’m afraid we
can’t do much except rework the virtual file system but that’s not planned at
the moment. Regards, Boris

It’s not the same project name but the same models since we have to have a
different project for the xbox version. So for now I just restart the sim to
jump between projects. For other projects no issue. So it will be nice if you
click close they are removed from the VFS. Any thoughts on the unique LOD
model names from each model folder? This was never an issue until now.

This has been answered…