list of functions

Dear Asobo, Would it be possible to get a list of supported calls? I am
working with flight plans, sounds and other pieces it is a nightmare to
understand what can we call or not. For example I know I can set a destination
via“SET_ORIGIN”, icao); but I am unable to set cruise altitude
and other parameters to the flight plan… how can I do it? It would be great
to have a full list of Coherent.calls available in the simulator or the very
list is there are .JS file which contains them all so I can check it out? This
is becoming “very important” for 3rd party developers, specially after the
AAU1 update where new avionics and gauges developed by WT are becoming the
default units for many airplanes. Kind Regards, Raul

Hello! We hope to have a list of coherent calls in the SU12 update along with
updated JS/HTML/CSS documentation. It may not be complete for that release,
but we are hoping it will be. It will at least cover the most important of the
functions and list the available calls on the C++ side for things like
flightplan management… and future updates will expand on the information
(assuming it’s not complete for SU12, which, again, we hope it will be).

Hi @Nocturne Thank you so much for responding and letting US know. Might I ask
in the meantime if there is a way to set the flight plan cruise altitude via
coherent calls? or you just set the relevant waypoints altitude as the cruise
alt? Thanks in advance. Raul

I am also interested about this information, can we set cruise altitude
through a Coherent call?

great stuff - thanks!

I see the list of Coherent calls is now documented but there is just a list, no details about the parameters.
Do you plan to add this anytime soon?