Coherent OPEN_WEB_BROWSER only works for some users

From js this call may be used to open the system default web browser with the
specified URL. This could be used to complete an authentication flow. Coherent.trigger("OPEN_WEB_BROWSER", url); I’ve used this and it works
correctly on my dev machine, but some users (we don’t see the pattern) see
instead a UAC dialog. Is there anything we can do to reliably open a web page
from MSFS?

Hello @davux3 , We were not able to reproduce this behavior. Can you ask at
least one of your users who encounters the problem, to press “windows key” +
“R” (shortcut for the run app) and enter the url and tell me what happens? Does the browser
open normally? Does it show the UAC dialog? Regards, Boris

Hi Boris - I talked to a user and he did the test, and the system default
browser does open properly using Win+R method. EDIT: The user was also now
able to get in-sim method working. I will report back when I find another
broken user. Its possible AAU1 fixed this since most complaints were during
SU11 proper.

Hi @davux3 , Good to hear :slight_smile: Thanks for the feedback, Regards, Boris