Hello!! I would like to know, if there are options in blender, to assign a
collisionroad an object, whether this object is a plane, a sphere, a cube …

Hi, Actually, you have the checkbox “Road Material” that appears to be a
collision one. The name is kinda weird yup. In the doc, the best practices
consist to place a simple mesh and not to high detailed mesh to be checked as
a road material. I will try tonight or tomorrow with an empty and by checking
the checkbox road material since I don’t know if empty are colisionable or not
in game


Update: Since the new version0.40.2.6 modified by [available on this
color-multipliers.450272/page-3#post-885350), you can now use the check option
“Collision” instead of road :wink:

The latest development version of ModelConverterX also can re-assign a
material as Invisible and collision.