Color Picker for Colorization

It would be great to have a pipette in the editor to pick up a color from the sat image to quickly assign it an apron for colorization. That would be much easier to re-color e. g. the ground.

I think what you are asking can be achieved with the color extractor tool available in the scenery editor menu

Thanks for your answer.

The color extractor works with average values:

The actual colour that is applied will be an average of the sum of the colours that are detected underneath the applicable objects - this is calculated by sampling the colour of each ground pixel found under the object(s) and then getting the average over all pixels.

I’m talking about a very well known and simple concept from applications like Corel Draw/Paint, Inkscape, Gimp, Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop:

You select the object you want to colorize, then choose the pipette tool (that can capture more than one pixel, 5, 10 or more) and click on the sat image to transfer that color to the selected object.