Conditional display of decals/projected meshes?

Is there a way to load a projected mesh only if certain conditions (e.g.
snowfall) are met? I know this is possible when placing them as a simobject.
But placing a simobject as projected mesh isn’t possible.

Yes, I would also like this feature. That would at least some control over the
snow coverage by changing the projected mesh to a darker one when there is
snow coverage.

Hello @Sasa , At this time, only SimObjects can have the behavior you want.
I’m not sure how It could be implemented but feel free to post an idea about
this feature Regards, Boris

Choose mesh/object to be displayed depending on one of the following
conditions (examples): Day of a year: FROM - TO (numbers) Time of day: DAY,
NIGHT […] Precipitation: Rain, Snow […] This could be located in the
object properties.

I think all we need is to be able to define behaviors in the model’s XML file.
Currently that is possible but is not respected as long as the model isn’t
inside a simobject. For example for an aerial imagery decal showing snow from
1°C and below this could look as follows:

                    (A:AMBIENT TEMPERATURE,Celsius) 1 >= if{ 1 } els{ 0 }