Conditional isInteractive() logic

Hi developer support! =) I have a VCockpit / htmlgauge that is isInteractive()
and that I show and hide using ASOBO_GT_Visibility_Code, but when the gauge is
invisible, it is still interactive! I have tried to update the return of the
isInteractive() dynamically, but this does not seem to be read / evaluated
more than once when the gauge is loaded initially and rebooting the gauge
does not work either. So, what is the best way to toggle a gauges
, so I can hide it without still being clickable? Perhaps
animate its position or size to something out of reach? (in this case it is
not an instrument as such, but a piece of virtual paper you can write on)
Thanks in advance! Br /bouveng@fbw

I’m working on an aircraft with a hand start prop, it would always show up the
tooltip flickering as the prop spins as it’s in the center of view. I solved
by moving the guage 100 meters below the aircraft when the engine is running.
It feels a bit hacky but gives the right functionality.

@StevenPearce can you clarify how you ‘moved the gauge’? Was it an additional
animation baked into the model that moved the surface with the $texture or
some other clever method?

Yea, just physically moved it out of the viewport with an animation on the