CONDITIONS - Create an engine start process

Hi, I would like to create some start process condition for the engine (like
hot start, cold start, warm etc…) Currently, engine can be started without
conditions (e.g: cold start you have to prime engine 6 times before starting.)
How can I proceed to create all these scripts ? WASM ? Simconnect ?.. Thank
you so much.

You can do it with InputEvents, thats how i do it.
Heres some code to get started



You will need to refence that input event in you behaviours. Just put it in
your interior file in your throttle


If you want the engine to barley run (misfire, run on 2 cylinders) you can set
the manifold pressure really low. something like 1 or 2 inches

Also, if any Devs are here. the “min_required_rpm” config doesnt do anything.
Default is 400 which is way too high.