Console should match fspackagetool output

Pressing the Build All in the Projects Editor Console compilation messages
should match fspackagetool output
**** Simple as that Fspackagetool Is more
“verbose” and let nail down errors that in the console are not shown and
Simply fails compilation

Hello @mamudesign If you’ve participated to SU9
flighting, you might have noticed that the grouping and filtering of console
messages has been improved in game. Among other things, there’s now an
“autoset” feature that automatically switches to PackageBuilder group when
building a package so only package build related messages will be shown. The
problem we might face now is that some relevant messages might not be attached
to that group and therefore not showing. Don’t hesitate to tell us when you
find a discrepancy between what’s visible in the packagetool and the console
or if your build fails without showing any errors so that we can fix it.
Regards, Sylvain

Thanks Sylvain, I wasn’t in the SU9 beta and I’m a bit afraid of the impact on
it on my average system (I’m on a laptop and read that SU9 is a bit heavy on
mainthread, and laptops processors speed are not that great because of thermal
throttling) But everyone me included will be in SU9 in a few days, so will be
glad to report you back any errors Thanks again for all the efforts the SDK
team is putting into this!