Core installer use environment value as default location

I don’t know if this is specifically SDK related, but the Core SDK installer
sets the environment variable MSFS_SDK, but the installer itself always
defaults the location to “C:\MSFS SDK”. It would be nice if the installer used
the environment variable as the default location (if set). Still allowing the
user to change that, of course.

You can change the location and the folder name at any time like any standard
installer. If what I think you asking and you moved the folder I suggest you
uninstall and re install to the location you desire then all future updates
should use the same location.

The documentation & samples always use the location chosen during the core
install, but at least for me, every new SDK update the core installer defaults
to “C:\MSFS SDK” and I have to change it to my desired location. If your
experience is different, then perhaps there is something weird with my setup?

Hi there, The Core installer sets the MSFS_SDK environment variable but
doesn’t read this variable to use the same path upon performing an update (and
yes, the default path is then always "C:\MSFS SDK"). We’ll see if we can
change this for future updates. The other installers always install their
additional elements in the path given by the MSFS_SDK environment variable -
we do not plan to change this for now. Best regards, Eric / Asobo

Thanks Eric - it’s not a huge issue, but seeing as I’ve forgotten to change
the location and had to re-install a couple of times now, I thought I’d make
the suggestion :slight_smile: And I see no problem at all with the doc & samples being
installed to the same location.