Corrected reversers N1 value for jets

Hi, I’ve got a problem to properly set reversers thrust. What is responsible
for that? The reversersers can’t go higher than 40,9% N1.

Hello @maiusz.kalinowski9 What is your thought process and what N1 value do
you expect? If you provide me with your engines.cfg file, I can give an
explanation on why you get this value. Regards, Sylvain

Hi, thx. N1 on reversers should be arround 70%

Hello @maiusz.kalinowski9 I’m not sure how you get that 70% value but here’s
how it’s computed with your configuration: (Node: my understanding of turbines
is limited so please excuse any imprecision in my explanations) -
min_throttle_limit is set to -0.2 so that’s the throttle input the sim
is receiving when in full reverse - In the reverse range, the throttle input
is scaled by 1.6 giving an effective throttle of -0.32 (this is not
configurable) - With use_commanded_ne_table set to true, your
mach_0_corrected_commanded_ne_table and mach_hi
_corrected_commanded_ne_table are interpolated to give the 89 of
corrected N2 you get. - With use_n2_to_n1_table set to true, your
n2_to_n1_table is used to get the 40.9 of corrected N1 you get Does
that make sense? Regards, Sylvain