Crash with SDK 0.18.0 with deletion of shapefiles

Since the SDK update to 0.18.0 I had two MSFS crashes which unfortunately reset the vector files in the project directory. All polygon data is erased. The .xml, .shp, .shx, .dbf files remain, but blank !

Hello @ftsxfreelw , Can you describe us precisely the reproduction steps and
can you send us a full dump file please ? [See section 2 & 3
bug-or-crash.html) Thanks, Regards, Boris

Hello Boris and thank you for your responsiveness. So, when I create
vegetation polygons, either by deleting or adding, after a certain amount of
time, msfs crashes and while I was saving the work regularly, all the shape
files end up at zero, with nothing in them. I specify that I am not in Beta
SU9 but I had the proposal to download the SDK 0.18.0, normal I imagine? I
downgraded to 0.17.0 and there is no crash and even if there is a crash, no
reset of the .shp files. I attached two .dmp files made under 0.18.0. The 9692
with a well filled Community directory and the 10112 only with my creations.
Thanks, Regards, Laurent

Lately, every time I “grouped” the plain polygons in the SDK, the sim crashed.
There is certainly something wrong with grouping polygons but I wouldn’t know
what. I had to remove the shape files myself to even start the project after
the last incidence and not grouping them any more.

Hello @ftsxfreelw The crash occurs when trying to save an empty polygon. The
game is checking for this and is supposed to show an error prompt when you
have a polygon with less than 3 points. For some reason, this is not happening
in your case and we don’t know why. Do you have a version of your package
sources that triggers the crash every time and that you could send us?
@Argaeus Same for you, if you have a configuration of your package that
triggers the crash, send it to us and we’ll check what’s happening. Check this
post to see how you can send us your package:
crash/77) Regards, Sylvain

@ftsxfreelw @Argaeus We were able to reproduce the crash on SU8. It was
happening when saving the shapefile while the polygon “one-click placing”
option was active. It’s been fixed with SU9 already so you should no longer
face the issue in the beta or when final SU9 is released. Thank you for
reporting the issue. Regards, Sylvain

Very good, thank you.