Creating alternate Xbox version

I have an alternate xbox version because we can’t use wasm files. And I also
have less aircraft entries. Su11 I had no issue loading both projects. Now
since they have different amount of aircraft entries in the aircraft.cfg i
find one of the projects keeps crashing the sim. And If I build a fresh
projects i can get it working but the other breaks. I have tried altering
names and still no lick getting both to work. I also have to consider the
uploader if i upload both packages separately. So what changed and what must I
do to get both projects to load and no issues uploading to the market place?
Update: I found using the build all rather than the external seems to have
fixed the issue. Please confirm the latest SDK external build has an issue.

Hello @Flysimware There is no such things as an “external build”.
fspackagetool.exe uses the game exe to build your package. Maybe there are
some issues when arguments are passed. If you provide us with a full dump
file, we can have a look at what’s causing the crash. Regards, Sylvain

How do I create a dump file. I forgot.

What I mean by external build is the fspackagetool.exe. And for internal is
the Build all button.
it’s also not always a crash sometimes it just hangs. I
now believe the issue is the new project editor mixed with copied projects
that do not match for model folders and aircraft entries. If I make a project
copy then decide to remove 8 aircraft entries from the12 entries and the panel
and model folders that go to those 8 entries the project editor hangs and the
sim is stuck. When I use the sync or the fspackagetool.exe the project no
longer loads where the older project editor it was fine to have two working
projects with different amount of aircraft entries. So as I stated in my
update I was able to fix this issue by using the Build ALL. So for some
reason the new project editor is causing this new bug as I have not changed
anything in months but decided to run my three projects that are slightly
different projects. It’s like there is a conflict with having the same
projects with slight changes.

You can find instructions here: [