[CTD] Having 2 Biome Overrides Packages in Community Folder causes CTD

If you have 2x Custom Biome Override Packages in the Community Folder, it
causes a CTD when loading in the simulator. I have attached 2x simple test
overrides. They both have massive blue or red trees. Package 1: Ecoregions in
New Zealand - Species Pines Package 2: Ego Regions in Florida - Species Shrubs
If you have 1 installed at a time, they work fine individually. This is a
problem as we are unable to do custom biomes for a single region around our
sceneries without affecting someone else’s package in a completely different
region/global mod. They use different trees types, and different species names
I have tried doing different folder names, as this used to be an issue with
some other folder structures, but it seems like it must be
/PackageName/vegetation/ otherwise it doesn’t load in the addon.

Just bumping this. I also have had problems. perhaps a more detailed sample
from Asobo could help.

Hello @Nick_NZASimulations That’s an
issue we were tracking and your input will help. I was able to reproduce the
crash, I’ll let you know when a fix is pushed. Thank you. Regards, Sylvain

Thanks very much for your help.

Same issue possibly. All fine with two installed, CTD with three. Bumping
this as well. I believe I’m encountering the same issue. Although, in my case,
it seems I can have two sceneries with custom biomes in my Community folder,
but as soon as I have three, instant CTD trying to launch the sim. I’m testing
two of my sceneries after reported CTDs in conflict with another addon that
also uses custom biome definitions. I’ve reviewed files in both my addons and
the other third party’s (so three addons with custom biomes), and I’ve not
seen anything formatted incorrectly. Also of note, I’m also testing against
REX Accuseason which includes custom biomes, but they use the same file names
for the vegetation xml’s that the base sim uses, so perhaps that factors into
this. I’ve tested all possible combinations of which addons are installed, and
the only common denominator is that when I have more than two packages with
custom biomes (REX AccuSeason excluded as that seems to have no effect), it
results in a CTD upon sim loading. All packages load successfully, as long as
there is no more than two. I have no idea how many packages are floating
around out there that have custom biomes defined, but perhaps this could be a
big issue if simmers are crashing because they have more than two (or perhaps
another arbitrary number) of addons installed which fall into this category.

hey @FlyingRaccoon Are you able to give an
update on this? We have a piece of scenery that we are nearing completion that
will rely on this working and we would love to release it with a custom biome.
thanks in advance the boys at NZA

Hello @HybridNZ It appears to have been fixed in
SU11. I just tested loading your sample packages that used to produce the
crash and everything went well. Can you confirm this ok for you as well, using
the SU11 flighting build? Regards, Sylvain

HI Sylvian, It seems to have fixed the load of the two examples. I did have a
crash when I loaded up 5 biome examples. I need to do some more testing to
confirm the crash but I will get back to you in a few days. Cheers Josh