CTD with SU6 in various areas (100% repeatable)

Hi. There are areas in the sim where, at least our team, can replicate CTDs
with 100% accuracy. Some of them are close to our sceneries but unfortunately
they happen even with default scenery. One of such areas is the KADW airport
(any stand/runway).
Also, you get a CTD when flying towards that airport
from another airport (like Washington National). If there are some more areas,
in might be worth mentioning them in this topic for easier troubleshooting. In
my case I cannot even start the sim again after such a CTD - I need to restart
the workstation.

Apparently, a user found a potential work-around, which might also indicate
where the problem lies.

go to folder
base-cgl\ CGL\032

and remove file bldo010.cgl and bldn010.cgl (perhaps just one of
them but i didn’t try. (i have rename them bldo010._cgl and bldn010._cgl to
not delete) some vector data (i think buildings) will be missing but it is
better than nothing


Just removing the



stops the CTD is the area for me

contributions/465405/101?u=drzewieckid> It would be great to have a comment on
when this can be fixed since two of our products are “inside” the area
affected by that CTD.

Having lead the group that started and found this temporary solution, it would
be nice to know from Asobo, (1) What changes exactly caused this CTD issue (2)
If it is a unique case, or could it be happening elsewhere. (3) If similar
occurrences, can be trapped, so they do not cause a CTD In this case, the Dev
Console was not of much help, but ProcMon quickly found the potential cause,
once the area had be accurately defined.

Hello. I was able to repro the crash and an engine dev is having a look.
Thanks for the detailed report :wink: Regards, Sylvain

@N6722C Thank you very much for finding that solution! We are really happy as
some customers were obviously blaming us for the CTD. :wink: Great job!

The issue has been found and fixed. It’s not related to the file itself but
rather to the way it’s handled. This is not a unique case but the fix will
solve all occurrences. Regards, Sylvain

Thanks Sylvain Do you have an information when users may be able to obtain
this Asobo Fix. Hot Fix ? SU7 ?

Good news ! I hope we have help team to track this bug easier.

Thank @Nirgal2776 - he was the one that came up with the temporary fix.

Yes, it will be fixed in SU7.