CTD with SU6 when opening an effect done in SU5

I am experiencing 100% CTDs when trying in dev mode to load an effect I
created back in SU5 for editing. The moment I click the effect name in the
inspector - CTD. The precompiled (pre-SU6) effect seems to be working fine in
the scenery, but now I can’t edit it because of the CTD. Can it be something
with my project or is it a known issue?

Hello. Did you follow these guidelines to convert your FX from SU5 to SU6?
should not cause a CTD though… If you can provide us with your effect file,
we will have a look at what’s causing it.
@MagnanimousHippo FYI Regards, Sylvain

shortly: replace VisualEffect.EmitterList with EmitterList in all XML
files remove parameters if this node has them, but I didn’t find such in any
of my projects

Hi Sylvain, here is the file.

Thank you! This worked, no more CTD. @FlyingRaccoon, this definitely needs to
be checked.

Hello ! Can you provide us with the xml source file for that effet as well ?
If I understood your problem correctly it is when you tried to open the source
in the editor that you had a CTD, so we will need the source file to
investigate it. Also don’t forget to send the _edition.xml file with it
please :slight_smile: You can secure you’re upload by setting the visibility of your
comment before submitting it:
Regards, Matthieu

Sorry, those files have been overwritten already because I managed to enter
the node editor by applying the suggestion of thealx below… Now it works ok!
I still have intermittent CTDs when exiting the dev mode after working with
the effects (doesn’t happen when working with scenery), but that’s another
story I guess.

No problem, if you confirm the only change you made manually was replacing
VisualEffect.EmitterList with EmitterList then we can investigate that
issue. Regards, Matthieu

I am not a TS but confirm that. As we speaking, can you please check another
major issue - when you clone effect, _edition file does not contain any nodes
position information. Broken OFFSET parameter mentioned in another topic. Full
list of discovered issues are here

Yes, Matthieu, I confirm that was the only change I made.

Hello thealx, Would you be so kind as to make a separate post with this list
of issues so we can discuss it on the support platform outside this comment
thread ? Regards, Matthieu