Custom Aerials Overridden by Default Terrain

CGL Aerials compiled with the latest update will show at a distance while in
the Scenery Editor, however once you zoom in, the default textures take over.
This is if the project has been compiled, placed into the community folder and
the scenery editor has been opened to edit the airport. Normal behavior:
The custom aerial should remain a higher priority than the default terrain.
Actual behavior: Custom aerial despawns as you zoom in. Edited - Aug.
Leaving the compiled package in the generated “Packages” folder will allow
the aerials to show in the editor. If these packages are removed from the
folder, the aerials will unload from the editor, even if the aerials are
located in the community folder.

So I went to my exported airport after reading this to see if my CGL secondary
aerials are in and they in fact are. They don’t appear to be shifting in and
and out like you reported based on zoom level. Have you tried to actually
export your package? Is it different in Dev mode vs export?

The aerials appear just fine after you export the package and if you are just
viewing them in the sim. The problem starts when you enter into dev mode. If
your aerials are in the same package as your airport, once you open the
airport in the scenery editor, the aerial begins to unload. This problem only
seems to persist with CGLs compiled after SU5, as I have a few that were
exported with previous versions that don’t have this issue. However as soon as
they are recompiled, the above starts to happen.

Unfortunately I have tried to replicate all of this in dev mode and I cant
seem to “lose them”. do you have a package in your community folder? I know
this helps CGL to always “load” properly in dev mode.

Yes, the package was built and put into the community folder. The sim was then
restarted before entering into devmode. Once I get some time, I’ll mess with
one of my other packages and see if I can reproduce it there as well.

After some further investigation, this seems to be more related to leaving the
compiled scenery in your “Packages” folder. See my edit on the OP above.