Custom airport and World Map

hope all is well with everyone…I’m trying to help a guy who built a custom original airstrip in Alaska…all is well except it does not show up on the world map?? Off the top of your head, is there a setting in the SDK to make it appear on the world map or does the sim not allow custom “from-scratch” airports to be seen on the world map like an already existing one we can overwrite??

Hello @dvlourie,

If there is an airport object at the right coordinates, and if the package is built, you should see it on the world map.

I just tested it with a non-existent airport and everything is displayed correctly on the world map.

You can provide the package to us privately if you wish, and we will check it.

See the section 3) here


Thanks Boris…I check with the designer and see what he wants to do…I appreciate the response.

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