Custom apron material metallic shine

Hello, I’m trying to null out a metallic shine on my custom ground material.
I’m currently using a Normal Roughness Metal Comp texture, which I have
attached a .psd copy of. My metallic (red) channel is flat black and my
roughness (blue) channel is using my PBR roughness texture with a 90% white
overlay, as the original roughness texture was too shiny. However, my material
in the sim is still showing a noticeable metallic shine.

(Image: Detail texture
I have also tried to go darker on the roughness channel, and the
result was almost a chrome surface, as expected. Is there any way to get rid
of this metallic sheen without getting rid of the comp texture all together?
The surface is suppose to be gravel, so there should be no shine. I thought
that maybe it had something to do with the asphalt detail texture, but
disabling it gives the same result. PSD Download
Note: I had to upload this file on my own server, as I couldn’t get it below
the max upload size. Delete the black layer in the PSD, it’s only a trick to
make the file size smaller.

Hello @Rotornut44 , Can you send us the final .PNG that you have exported with
Photoshop (the one you used in your screenshot) and the .DDS file please ?
Also be sure to read

in the quality section. (some image edition tools write a black color to fully
transparent pixels instead of preserving the original color) Regards, Boris

@Boris Here’s a link to download a zip of the PNG and DDS Comp:
To my knowledge, the original color should be preserved. I’m using the
standard Photoshop “Save As” for export. If I reopen it in Gimp, the alpha
stays intact.

Hello @Rotornut44 , We investigated and you need to reduce the contrast of
your green/alpha channel Your normal is way too high as you can see when you
play with the sun. There is an effect like ‘metallic’ but in reality this is
not the case at all. Regards, Boris