Custom "Asobo" light preset don't work on Xbox

Hello team, I have a feedback from an Xbox user of our LFKJ airport. Runway
lights don’t work (off) , the others (default light row = blue edge are
working) For this airport and to be more accurate , i have used your light
preset to create the runway light effect and linked your runway light object
(Taxi_Light_White) Then i manually placed all runway lights . Normally, it
must be the same exact thing that de default light row. On PC no problems ,
but it seems that on Xbox it don’t work Thanks for the help on it Kind regards

Hello @Kem_Pesim We ran QA tests on XBox with your LFKJ scenery and couldn’t
see any issue. Runway lights were showing correctly, or at least gave the same
result as on PC: Is that the
expected result? If your user still has the issue, he can contact Zendesk
support, providing a link to this discussion to show a possible problem with
custom scenery has been ruled out. Regards, Sylvain

Ask the user if it only happens when arriving at the airport from far away or
if it also happens when spawning at the airport. Lights are placed according
to the ground elevation when the airport loads, which may be above or below
the high detail close-up terrain when approaching from somewhere else.

Hi guys, Thanks a lot for your answers and confirmation. No problem when
spawning. I told him to rebuild his cache and to try start from the aiport ,
do 30 miles and come back at night with a simple aircraft. It seems that is
issue was fixed like this. next time thanks to your confirmation i will tell
users to contact ZenDesk Thanks for your work and help on it Kind regards Kem

You can link them my description of this issue here :slight_smile: Unfortunately the
settings workaround won’t be useful for xbox.

That’s likely the problem. This issue is already being tracked on our side
then. Regards, Sylvain