Custom font for xml gauges

If i use a custom font for HTML gauge i know i can include the font in my
asset and have the CSS file point to it. But if i have a XML gauge i have no
way to point to the font from what i know. So it only shows the font if it is
registered/installed front in windows. So my question is when we release a
product through the Market Place how can we install font to windows? Or is
there a way to point to a font in my assets for an xml gauge?

Hello, @MRiquier can you please take a look? :slight_smile:

Hello @Flysimware, to reference a font in an XML
Gauges you need to use the tag NameOfTheFont. Please note that the
NameOfTheFont is the name of the font and not the name of the .ttf file (most
of the time they are identical but not always). → Exemple here, the name of
the font is ‘Dot Matrix’, so you reference it as Dot Matrix Then you add your
font files in a ‘fonts’ folder at the root of your package so users can have
access to it.