Custom jetway troubleshooting

Is there a way to troubleshoot custom jetways? I mean things like: - jetway
not connecting (e.g. atc says unable to connect the jetway) - jetway service
not being available in the parking spot My guess is that “the unable to
connect” is because your internal Ik solver is unable to find a solution for
the jetway to connect. Can you please add a “jetway service availability area”
when placing jetways? So when designing a jetway or a scenery we can know
where to put the jetway or parking stop marks Also add a check if the jetway
is able to connect to anything Another idea is to add to the atc response the
reason why the jetway can’t connect (airplane entrance too
low/high/left/right/forward/backward) Maybe this should be posted as an idea

Hello @mamudesign, Indeed, there is currently no way to debug jetway,
@mamudesign Can you post it as an idea rather than a question please ? (for
visibility , you can split this into several ideas of course) Regards, Boris