Custom K events in XML

Currently, there is an issue with custom K events, such as
“K:A32NX.CustomEvent”, where they cannot be used in XML RPN, even though they
are being registered in a WASM gauge via SimConnect. Trying to do so results
in an error in the console:
customEvent.PNG This severly
limits their usefulness, and although they can be triggered in JS via
SetSimVarValue, creating a sort of “relay” via JS and H events is very tedious
and makes everything more complex than it needs to be.

@FlyingRaccoon Apologies for the ping, but we were wondering if this issue was
known/being investigated? Thanks!

Hello @IcemanFBW Don’t apologize, we missed that one. I’m adding it to our
test list. Regards, Sylvain

Hello @lukecologne @IcemanFBW By any chance, have you tried using the
F:KeyEvent described in the RPN doc?
Something like: ‘EventName’ (>F:KeyEvent) Regards, Sylvain

Hi @FlyingRaccoon, thank you for your reply. About your question, no, I wasn’t
aware that this was possible, so I haven’t tried it out. I will test
triggering the custom event via this method and report back.

Ok, just tested your suggestion, and it does indeed work, with single quotes:

'A32NX.FCU_APPR_PUSH' (>F:KeyEvent)

This triggers the custom K event and our WASM gauge correctly captures it. I
just started working again on this feature so this method saves me from having
to implement a workaround, thank you very much for your help!