Custom Living world for New Zealand region

In New Zealand, it is not yet possible to change the ground services,
(pushback or catering, for example) through the creation of a custom living
world file. It should be region G, the same file takes effect in Australia but
not in New Zealand. The problem has always existed and has never been solved.

The old TMFViewer shows New Zealand as region Z

Thank you for your suggestion Dick, I tried and actually with Z region it
works, at this point it is an error in the documentation! Please
@FlyingRaccoon Take this issue into
account and maybe update the documentation!

Hello. @Nocturne will have a look. Thank you for the feedback. Regards,

We made a couple of tests and, it seems this is what happened: - The FSX SDK
(the one from the Steam version, which I assume should be the latest version)
never said anything about regions Y and Z. Region Y is “Australia Queensland”
and Z is “New Zealand” - FSX at some time must have been updated with those
regions, because opening regions.bgl from FSX shows regions Y and Z, but the
SDK documentation was never updated. - Somebody must have figure it out using
Tmfviewer, and made an updated map with the new regions, which looks as being
edited: -
MSFS supports regions Y and Z, and it’s even possible to open its regions.bgl
file, which shows both, but the documentation doesn’t. - Funny note: Prepar3D
also miss regions Y and Z from the SDK docs, but also supports them both. In
fact, the regions.bgl file for ALL simulators is exactly the same, MD5