Custom material generates _CVT_ / .NNZ

Hello, I have a handful of custom apron materials that I have created. I have
noticed, in the last two releases or so, some of these materials will generate
a legacy “myaddon_CVT_” folder containing .NNZ files. I have compared all of
my .material files and cant find any structure changes between the older and
newest materials in my package. What could be causing this to happen? The
materials do work fine, and as far as I know, these files are sometimes
generated if someone references the material(s) in their own addon from my
library package. Also, while adding a few new materials today, a CVT folder
was created in my working directory as well. I haven’t been able to reproduce
what caused it to generate. Thanks!

Hello Trying to gather some information before I’m able to provide a proper
answer. Where is this myaddon_CVT_ folder generated? In your package

I have seen it intermittently generate in both the Community folder and in
Packages, the folder generated when building the package. Although, I do not
think this appeared when building the package, I believe it was before. I have
been trying to reproduce both cases, but have not been able to as of yet.

Not sure if it’s related or not, but it should also be noted that I get the
following error in the Material Inspector: “Material is not compatible with
the current tool you are using”. Although, this seems like more of a general
error, maybe because an airport isn’t loaded with the libraries package. I
have also noticed that the Normal Roughness Metal material option is
missing from the Material Inspector now. Although, these textures are still
included in my .material files. I just can’t display or edit them from the

OK. I had my libraries package open, messing with the material editor, but
then loaded into one of my airports and opened it in the project and scenery
editor. When I went to place some of my materials with the scenery editor, a
myaddon CVT was generated in the project Packages folder. I’m guessing
because the libraries were mounted from that project directory, since I had
them open previously. I went through all of my materials, but saw that only my
markings are being generated as NNZ. These were all saved in PNG8 as opposed
to PNG24, so it could be a compatibility issue with PNG8 format.

(Cont.) For additional info, PNG-8 was saved “For web” in PhotoShop with 2
Colors 100% dithering, and no Matte (As PNG-24 was generating some white
pixels along the edge).

Hello Ok those files are engine intermediate files generated at runtime when
you provide the game with textures not matching the expected format. I am
unable to reproduce your issue though. I created a material library using PNG8
and JPG files but all those .nnz files are generated in a cache folder located
in AppData in my case. If you are still having the issue, can you provide us
with the package causing the issue so we can check what the difference is?
Thanks you, Sylvain