Custom max distance on custom light sources?

Is there a way of controlling the max distance from which a custom light
source (spot light from Blender in this case) is visible in MSFS? Wattage and
the “custom distance”-option doesn’t seem to do much in terms of how far my
flashing spotlights are visible. I need it to be visible from approximately
7-10 km away. It is currently “only” visible from 2 km out.

Hello. “FlightSimLights” have no range parameter. It’s handled on engine side
and can’t be configured at the moment. Lights

Regards, Sylvain

Hello Sylvain, Thank you for your reply. It’s sad that one cannot adjust the
range by an effect of the light source (like in real life) - Wattage > Lumen =
Range, essentially. This does not seem to apply in MSFS. Blender, as you
probably already know, does not have the same selections available. I cannot
choose the object type in the same way as in 3Ds Max, so the custom light
source is just a regular spotlight. Perhaps the engine’s range-interpretation
of custom light sources could be “parented” to the “wattage” (in
Blender)/intensity (in 3Ds Max), that is being transfered into the .gltf-file?

If it’s an airport try to build your own LightPresets within the airport.
Those are light dots with lots of different settings you can try. There’s no
distance parameter neither as far as I know but depending on their intensity,
direction etc. they may be adjustable to be visible for a much greater
distance. Just an idea.

Thank you for your tip. This is sadly not for an airport build, but just a
“landmark”, “Sightseeing” build, so I am not able to utilize those presets.

Same here. I’d love to be able to add proper obstacle lights for my objects,
but without access to something like these LightPresets it’s not possible.

In theory you could create a fake airport closeby that has an invisible runway
and is set as CLOSED=TRUE so it doesn’t become visible anywhere. But you’d
need to be aware that in doing so you would block an ICAO code. Which makes
this something that should only be done with VERY careful consideration. I’m
not sure however if the closed tag would make the lights invisible as well.

Not a very good workaround for a mod adding around 150000 objects with
obstacle lights :smiley: But thanks for the tip anyway :slight_smile:

In theory, that might work. I just really don’t want to list it as an
airport, when it isn’t. It really shouldn’t be necessary to do such a thing.
They just need to implement a link between the intensity of a light-source and
the view-distance of said lights (on buildings).

Fully agree. This cannot and shouldn’t be an option for larger scale projects.
Creating one fake airport for somethe iconic POI like - let’s say the Golden
Gate Bridge - is one thing. Anything that goes beyond it, should be avoided.

Hello again Sylvain, Are you planning on implementing such a feature as
described and requested with custom view-distance of custom light-sources?
This applies mainly for non-airport projects that adds collision lights to
buildings/structures, as this is where we need to be able to see the lights
from further away. Thanks in advance!

Hello. Nothing planned at the moment. We are going towards exposing scenery
features outside airports so lights could be considered as well. I suggest you
create an idea to describe your needs and have it upvoted. Regards, Sylvain

I have made several lighthouses along the Finnish south coast. The lights can
be added, blinking or rotating in Blender. But there seems to be no way of
making them visible for more than 1-2km away. Lighthouse lights should be
visible for several nautical miles, some even more than 10 nm. The same
problem applies to warning lights on buildings and high masts etc. We really
need a way to control the visibility distance of such lights. In Blender it
would be easiest to let the wattage of the light control the distance, imho.

A way to ensure a (small) scenery object (such as the lighthouse blinking
light) stays displayed when it is displayed at a distance is to ‘fool’ MSFS
into 'thinking that the scenery object is larger than it is. This can be
achieved (using Blender) by adding a mesh plane to the scenery object and
place it below your scenery object and set the MSFS material to MSFS INVISIBLE
and then joining all the meshes into one (select All meshes then press ctrl

Do we have some progress on this subject, given the official Blender plugin
has been released and more and more developers ask for this? The problem with
the lights not being visible from more than a couple of kms is still present,
and we cannot use the built-in anti-colission lights for buildings (as a
placeholder), as they are locked for airport-sceneries only.

Sadly, I have already tried this. This doesn’t do anything to the rendering of
the lights cutting out around 2 km’s from the objective.