Custom Object Appears in Object List But When Placed does not show

Hello, I have just started today creating custom objects for my second
scenery. I am familiar with the process but have just switched to the official
blender exporter from Asobo. When I export an object with its textures - done
the same way in any tutorial - the files correctly generate and the gITF
preview works. The issue arises when I try to place the object in my scenery
package. The object shows up on the object viewer, but when I place the
object, all that shows is an empty box from the msfs dev mode GUI (see
attached). Any recommendations? I have tried the old blender2msfs, different
object shapes, cleaning the package, and getting rid of the assigned textures.
When I build the package there are no errors or warnings associated with the
object. All has been done with blender 3.1.

When you added the model did you build the package and then reload the project
file. Only other thing did you check in the material section in MSFS material
Params that there is no option to migrate textures for the model when using
the official exporter. If this needs doing there should be a grey clickable

I rebuilt and reloaded the project file and the issue persists. I did have the
migrate textures button visible, so I clicked it and repeated the object
creation steps and placement but still to no avail. Do you have any other
suggestions? What’s funny is that any custom object I created a few months ago
works perfectly fine but as soon as I re-export the object it stops working.

Thats a shame erm. could post the screen shots for the set up of the official
blender exporter within blender the multi exporter drop down box im on about.
You could also get hold off the ModelConverterX app its free. You load it up
you can just drag and drop the generated gltf file into it and usually if it
shows up fine on there it will work in MSFS.

I did some testing by using my custom object in my older scenery and it shows
up! It seems like the issue must be how I set up my Model Library and BGL file
paths. It’s funny because those paths were auto-generated from the simulator.
I copied over the exact file paths from my old scenery in this one and it
works! I appreciate your help!

Glad you found the reason.

Hey Odog, I just came across the same problem with my project and can’t figure
it out. Could you explain how you fixed it with the file paths. Thanks

Having same issue, unfortunately I do not understand. I have been placing
objects till yesterday. Now my objects don’t show, just a bounding box.

Same kind of issue for me too! When a project is created for the first time
there is no problem but when it is closed and reopened again no new objects
appear (in my case all objects come from BLENDER via BLENDERTOMSFS Export)