Custom Primary ILS throws an error!

hello ! I am building an airport (a disused former air base). When I want to
put an ILS by checking Custom Primary ILS it immediately causes an error (the
airport and the runway turn red and a Show error alert is set up). Why is
there this error ? How to advance the problem ? Regards, Marc

Hello @Marcstrab , Can you tell us more ? What’s the error ? Can you post a
screenshot showing this ? Regards, Boris

Here is the error in the screen

@Marcstrab , This is intended. If you hover on the red element you will see
this error message : It means
that you need to add a correct IDENT. Then you will need to ad a correct
frequency too and the error will be gone.
Regards, Boris

Thank you for your explanation. On the reference map (from 2003) I have this
against ILS: CLR 111.1 In your opinion, what should I put as an identity for
the ILS ?

The Ident should be the ICAO name of the ILS you are creating. You should have
this information on the airport chart