Custom scenery localization files?

I tried to experiment adding localization files to my airport packages,
containing some ATCCOM.AGENT_NAME and ATCCOM.AIRPORT that are not included in
stock files. But even with an updated layout.json it doesn’t seem to work.
Editing default locpak files (in fs-base folder) doesn’t work either. I found
no word in the SDK about customizing those files and getting the sim to speech
the actual airport/city name instead of spelling any ICAO unknown to it. Can
we get some enlightment on that topic in a future SDK update ?

Hi Mottoh, We are aware of this not being documented at the moment and this is
in our backlog. In the meantime, the Da62 sample provided with the SDK should
give you a good example of how it’s implemented. Regards, Sylvain

Yes, I would LOVE to know how to do this. I’m so tired of hearing the ICAO of airports that are not properly defined in the locPak files. I’ve even tried to add the data I think is correct to the main fs-base\en_US.locPak file, and the information is still ignored and the ICAO used.

I would love to be able to figure out how to make this happen. Too many local airports do not actually use their ICAO identifier on their CTAFs. It’s more localized like “Newport State…”