Custom SimObject is crashing MSFS [CTD]

I have a fairly simple 55 gallon drum/barrel model that I exported from 3dsMax
as a Scenery object and successfully added to an MSFS Scenery project. I used
the Scenery Editor to add multiple barrels to the terrain and they showed up
just fine. I need to dynamically place these barrels at runtime from a
SimConnect app so I needed to convert this model to a SimObject. We took the
same 3dsMax model and re-exported it as a SimObject then integrated it into
the Bears example SimObject project as a test. The project builds just fine
and I can place instances of “MyCompany_BlackBear” without any problem but
when I try to Add a copy of my custom “MyCompany_Barrel” SimObject, I see the
placement gizmo/arrows for about 5-10 seconds (non-interactive) before MSFS
Crashes to Desktop [CTD]. I have tried running fspackagetool over the project
but it didn’t produce any errors. This is what it looks like just after adding
a MyCompany_BlackBear, moving it over, then adding a MyCompany_Barrel. MSFS
did a CTD within seconds of this screengrab.

FYI, this happens 100% of the

Hello @ehillrti , The gltf name in your xml is missing. Try again with
something like this :

don’t forget to clean / build your package before placing the object. Regards,

Thanks Boris! That was the problem. For the benefit of others new to MSFS SDK
content creation, I’ll provide some context. This test case consisted of a
small model with only one set of geometry (no LODs). The Generate XML function
in the 3dsMax exporter plugin produced a model XML file that did not contain
an element so I made the incorrect assumption that it was a valid XML file,
especially since fspackagetool didn’t flag any errors either. Hand editing the
model XML file to add the element with a single , as described by Boris
above, solved the problem. There may be a way to embed something in the 3dsMax
model file to cause the exporter to include and elements in the model XML
file it produces but we haven’t learned enough about the content creation
process yet to discover how to do that, if it is indeed possible.