Data Store maintenance tool

The Data store, is a great resource for all Devs to store data for their
product, but there does not seem to be a way to easily look at all the Data
held there, and prune out, and maintain old, obsolete, or corrupted data.
While 100% complete visability of this data may not be wise, due to the
confidential content of some data, (ie License codes etc), – but then, why
not ---- it might go a long way to be able to list the Content by Product
(Plane type etc), and have the option to delete all that item’s associated
data. At least then, one can see who is storing data there, and have the
option to delete it, if it is felt the data may be corrupt, or the product is
no longer required / installed. Is there a Max size for this store, and what
happens if that max size is exceeded ?