Dev Mode Mouse move zoom, rotate no longer works after a couple of Save Resynch in AE2

I am testing Weight and Balance. I set reference points and empty weight C of
G and pilot, copilot etc positions using the gizmos. I rotate my view with
mouse buttons and all works, I apply my changes to ref points using AE save
and Resynch. The second and third time doing this process, all is fine. Then
on the forth save and resynch the mouse rotate and any attempt at zooming or
rotating no longer works. ReStart Flight does not fix this. Going back the
main menu and picking my position again on the airport does not fix this. I
have to exit the sim and restart the sim to get mouse movement back. rebuild
ay main menu does not fix this.

Hello @DA40CGDFQ , I couldn’t reproduce the problem you mentioned. Do you
experience this issue randomly, or does it happen consistently? Can you try
testing the SDK samples for DA62 and Gauge Aircraft to see if you encounter
the same problem? Regards, Boris

This happens consistently for me. After the third save resync the mouse no
longer works. Have to exit the sim and restart the sim. Will test on DA62

No I cannot make the DA62 project exhibit this behaviour. I am working on a
glider if that makes a difference. I am adjusting contact points and Weight
and Balance data. I have to do a save and Resync and then do a flight restart
to enable the Weight and Balance menu to reapper.

Hi @DA40CGDFQ , Has this issue persisted since the last update to AAU2? I made
some tests within a glider project and was unable to replicate the behavior.
Regards, Boris

This seems to be fixed in 1.33.8