Dev Mode: Too many things to name

Hello, I am a UX/UI team lead for the digital team at an aircraft manufacturer
and a big fan of MSFS (and FS since FS4/1991)… I also create scenery since
1998 (FS98)… As we speak I I am waiting for Dev Mode CTDs to be fixed (I was
told it is related to the engine and the dev are aware of the issue). However,
in terms of usability and user experience, I believe many things in the Dev
Mode could be improved. One of those is the creation of a project… I believe
there is a lot of complexity presented to the users in Dev mode, especially
when it comes to creating a new project structure with a lot of questions to
name many things… The multiple naming conventions for multiple purposes
could confuse anyone and make all this difficult to remember… The aircraft
or scenery folders structure is already too complex in MSFS and I wonder if
the Engine required this complex files and folder structure by default… Yet
I believe this folder structure complexity should not be managed by or
presented to the users in Dev Mode. I think users must not guess what name
goes for what, in what format and for what purpose… Thus I believe there
should be a straight forward way to create a new project with the required
names for the files and folders structure… This is why I suggest a simple
mode, where a user selects what project they want to create (aircraft /
scenery / etc) and then they enter a “Prefix” for their project and all the
packages, folders, names, etc are created automatically for the users and the
project is set in Dev Mode with all the text fields, packages etc using this
format for example: (Prefix_x_y_z package or folder or prefix-a-b-c.bgl
etc)… As a user, I would simply enter my “creator” name as a prefix, others
enter their group or company name… Certainly, when everything is created and
named automatically using this simplified mode, users would still be able to
edit or change any automatically created name for this or that. Regards