Developer camera seems to be broken

Hello, I am by no means a developer, however I have been creating my own
scenery for MSFS lately. After a clean re-install of both Windows and MSFS,
the developer camera will not translate for me using ASWDRF keys as before.
The in-game drone camera works just fine. I cannot seem to track down the
problem, but I cannot continue without the developer camera working. Any
ideas? Thank you

Same for me. The problem only starts once a project is loaded. Rotation
works but not any sort of movement over the ground. Toggling madly between
slew, dev cam, internal and external cameras, can rarely free it up. Might be
some sort of focus issue. Keys and controllers both don’t work.

Go into the new menu developer camera settings and bring back the translation
value to the desired speed (at least a positive value). If the Asobo team Is
reading this: When the devmode.xml gets regenerated (After deleting It for any
reason ), the translation value goes to a negative value, another Little and
Easy fix for your backlog

@Darwikey can you please check this out? Thanks!

I can confirm this works. Thanks Mamu. My dev camera was set to -100! Slew
mode is still locked up however but I can work without it.

I might add a small remark: it seems the translation value is saved when
saving the settings, but the rotation value is not.

Thanks for all your feedbacks! It has now been fixed (fix available in the
next SU) Xavier