Developer camera will incline gradually while panning after SU5

I use developer camera a lot. After SU5, when I running the developer camera,
it will start to incline after several moving. Before SU5, it will always
align to horizon no matter how I move but now it’s gone. Will it be fixed or
any other hot key to reset quickly? (My work around is to double click any
object in scenery editor to reset view but it’s quite annoying.)

same as Drone camera after SU5, i used PC with xbox controler, but not a Box

If this is the same as was happening to me - gradually ‘dipping’ to the right
over several moves - then by trial & error I found that you could re-level the
horizon by using the 9 key on a keyboard equipped with a numeric pad.

Same for me. Not a big issue but again something broken between 2 upd !

Same for me, not very satisfying to see.

Already reported