Devsupport forum 'validate' email not rendering in GMail

Not sure where to post this, but the ‘validate’ this account button for this
forum that sends an email with a validation link does not render at all in the
Google GMail web client. Workaround is to forward the email to a different
email service or look at the GMail email on a non-web client (e.g. Android).

Same thing happened to me , have now just turned of the daily emails. Also
just realised I can’t validate my email as the validation email does not show
up in Gmail properly either.

There is enough difference between cellular phone displays and computer
displays, that if a complex site is written too poorly, a web page will not
function properly on both displays. If you encounter such a situation, a
workaround, as inconvenient as it may be, is to try the alternate device.

Have you tried scrolling horizontally to the right? Same thing happened to me

  • the message is there, but it is in a very wide container and I had to scroll
    to the right to display it.