Different packages for PC and Xbox

Due to the photoreal area cgl file size ( being larger than 1 GB ) I am
considering publishing two separate packages of the same scenery, one export
for PC with original photoreal area, and another export for Xbox with a
reduced photoreal area for Xbox. Both to be uploaded to MS Marketplace. Can
this be done? Or how can this be done? Thanks for any guidance

Hi @Sunay , You should discuss this with your Microsoft contact in ‘teams’
first. For the “how”, I think you can make 2 projects with different names.
Regards, Boris

Hi Boris, thank you. I am contacting the MS from Teams and see what the
official response would be, and hopefully report here.

So to answer my own question; Yes, it is possible to have and upload two
different packages for PC and Xbox. The
mcp.flightsimulator.com site permits. You
create two different builds for PC and Xbox. First upload the PC package and
then from the Xbox side you upload the Xbox package… Basically that’s all.

Good to know … so I assume the same can apply to Aircraft ( an advantage and
flexability for many reasons to cater for the differences between Xbox & PC !)