Disable all panels with a FlowEvent

With FlowEvents, we can disable certain toolbar
We need to disable all panels by name, and this becomes a problem if the
player has third party panels installed. We can’t disable panels we don’t know
the name of. This means they will still be active during missions:

Third party panels can be
accessed during an official landing challenge.

I suggest you add FlowEvents to control all installed panels: FlowEvent ID
| Description
FORCE_DISABLE_ALL_PANELS | Disable all toolbar panels so that the user can’t
select it.
FORCE_ENABLE_ALL_PANELS | Enable all toolbar panels, permitting user
interaction once more.
HIDE_ALL_PANELS | Hide (close) all toolbar panels.
Then the mission developer can enable only the appropriate panels for a
certain activity / mission.

How will FORCE_ENABLE_ALL_PANELS interact with individual panel disables? The
name implies that it would reset/enable all panels? That might not be
desirable if some other system has disabled a specific panel.

I was thinking for freeflight, when you want the player to have access to all
panels. But of course that would reset their preference. Maybe another

flowevent: RESET_ALL_PANELS Reset all panels to the last user preferences