Disable lights on default ground vehicles?

Hey Guys, is there a way to disable the lights (head, back and gyro) on the
default Ground Vehicles when they are spawned via AICreateSimulatedObject?
According to the SDK there are the INTENSITY SimVars that we can use, but it
seems they are overriden to 1.00 by the Sim again an again after setting them
to 0.00. The idea is to have the lights off on those cars when they are
parked. And enable them again when we send them around the airport. (Tested on
Su11 not sure if it works in Su10) Kai

Hello @Kaiii3 This is caused by one of the template
used in the vehicle’s Behavior: GroundVehicles.xml

It sets light every frame based on whether the engine is running or not. The
only way to work around this is to override this file and change the behavior.
Regards, Sylvain

Can I shoutdown the Engine? If yes, what is the SimVar?

The template uses the simvar GENERAL ENG COMBUSTION SOUND PERCENT and
activates lights if it’s greater than 1

Thanks, will give it a try.

Hey Sylvain, question get be set to answered, using GENERAL ENG COMBUSTION
, thanks :slight_smile: