Disable Motion Blur

SU10 Beta SDK 19.1 When will the feature “Disable Motion Blur” be operational
? Allegedly it was fixed in SU9 But it does nothing at the moment although the
option is still in the material editor it would be very useful

Hello @ModelMuncher I was unable to reproduce your issue (SU10 Flighting)
left: Motion Blur right:
Disabled Motion Blur Do you have this in your exported gltf ?

 "extensionsUsed": [

Also, do you have an error mentioning the motion blur extension during the
build process (in game and via fspackagetool.exe)? Regards, Boris

I Opened the GLTF IN notepad ++ And searched for the phrase "
ASOBO_material_disable_motion_blur " It did Not exist… The Material
checkbox in 3DSMax 2018 was most definitely checked as DISABLE MOTION BLUR And
there are No Compile errors relating to it

- uninstall the SDK-Core - if it’s still there, remove the folder C:\MSFS
- install the SDK-Core 0.19.1 Open 3dsmax, check disable motion
and export your gltf again Does it help ? Regards, Boris

Ok, now I’m confused, when I first asked about this, here:
https://devsupport.flightsimulator.com/t/3948 It seemed the “disable motion
blur” option would prevent smearing of animated objects caused by any methods
of temporal antialiasing ( TAA or DLSS ), and @Boris confirmed it was
supposed to used in those cases. However, from this thread, it seems is
instead used to flag objects to not be affected by the motion blur of the
camera, which I think it’s a different case than temporal antialiasing. So,
how exactly is the flag used for ? Prevent motion blur from both the camera
effect and the temporal antialiasing, or just for the camera ? If it’s
supposed to work in both cases, will be eventually fixed for antialiasing
because, since a long while I’ve been using that flag to compile materials
belonging to objects that requires, but they are still blurred when using TAA
or DLSS, if they are animated.

Hello @virtuali This was a misunderstanding on our side. This extension has
nothing to do with antialiasing. Only graphics engine motion blur will be
impacted by this material setting. Regards, Sylvain

“Only graphics engine motion blur will be impacted by this material setting.”
My whole fundamental point at the start of this post was that IT DOES NOT The
option is checked …and the material is STILL affected by motion blur

Well, @FlyingRaccoon was just answering someone else’s questions about this
extension. As for your whole fundamental point, I suggested you a (very)
simple test to try to understand why your gltf has no
“ASOBO_material_disable_motion_blur” but you never answered me.

If you checked the option
Disable Motion blur and you don’t have the extension
ASOBO_material_disable_motion_blur in your .gltf it is because something is
wrong during the export process. We are willing to help you but if you don’t
give us any answser when we suggest you to test things, we can’t guess what’s
the issue. Regards, Boris

It was Answered @Boris ? I checked the box in Material editor , Compiled the
GLtf and searched for the extension "ASOBO_material_disable_motion_blur " in
the file … It did not exist therefore the Materials editor is NOT sending the
information via the compile process

Hello @ModelMuncher I can’t have access to a 2018 version at the moment. Can
you send me a sample max 2018 file producing the problem so I can at least
confirm it behaves correctly on other versions? Regards, Sylvain

Hi @FlyingRaccoon Thanks for getting back to me again OK … Please find
attached , Dropbox link to 3ds Max 2018 Files - Blurtest-Spinner.zip
[Dropbox - File Deleted - Simplify your life
Spinner.zip?dl=](Dropbox - File Deleted - Simplify your life
Spinner.zip?dl=0)1 containing … one Max 2018 Model & required Texture Maps
What I am seeing here is the DISABLE MOTION BLUR Option checked in Max
Material Editor (see image)

However … in the Sim, the “animated” spinner is showing flickering and odd
display behaviour if Motion Blur is selected ON In the Sim General options…
When Motion Blur is selected OFF in Sim General Options the effect is normal
and as expected FYI I am using SIM V1.27.14 and SDK 19.2 BUT This has been
apparent since before SU9 and with Earlier SDK releases ( In fact ever since
Motion Blur was included)

I got my hand on a 2018 version. Opening your max file, none of the materials
had the “Disable Motion Blur” checked. Did you forget to save? If you close
and reopen it, do you see it checked right away? Then I checked it for
“engineside” material and exported a gltf through the Babylon File Exporter
and got the expected result:

Note sure what’s wrong for you.
Can you double check the MSFS SDK/Tools/3dsMax/glTF-Exporter/3ds
FlightSimMaterialExporter.cs script and
confirm you find references to GLTFExtensionAsoboDisableMotionBlur there?
Regards, Sylvain


YES.. the reference is indeed there

    class GLTFExtensionAsoboDisableMotionBlur : GLTFProperty
        public const string SerializedName = "ASOBO_material_disable_motion_blur";
        [DataMember(EmitDefaultValue = true)] public bool enabled = true;
I think that lack of check mark was indeed that I forgot to save the file,
Having now does so it loads by default on that material, However it still FAILS to appear in my compiled Gltf ????

Any further suggestion ?

Not really, apart from a clean reinstall of the SDK after cleaning your 3ds
max script folder as well. I really don’t see what the problem could be here.
Can you confirm any other modification of this material works as expected?

I have now made a clean install of the SDK 19.2 and have the same results… I
will make a clean install of MAX 2018 ( nightmare) And see if that changes
things PS. YES all other options work in this material