DLSS Version downgraded

Dear Asobo,

There are reports that DLSS version has been downgraded with the last WU released yesterday.

Was this on purpose? users are reporting feedback to me of performance drop and upon using this tool: Release v1.0.4.0 · beeradmoore/dlss-swapper · GitHub

And setting DLSS again to the latest version things seems to improve.

Would it be possible to confirm if the change was intended?

Kind Regards,

Hi @SimbolFSReborn,

Can you provide links regarding these downgrade claims?
If there’s an issue with the GitHub project you are referring to, I suppose queries should be directed to its developer.
I would say the question is hardly related to SDK/DevMode so I suppose it belongs to ZenDesk rather than DevSupport.

Best regards,

Eric / Asobo

Hi @EPellissier


Maybe they mean they putting a newer version of DLSS and the WU reset it back to werever msfs has a default which makes more sense.

Thanks for your answer.