Does .wav works for ANY Simboject?

Does .wav file work for every Simboject or just for Airplanes? The following,
In a Aircraft project plays the sound when the sound when the lvar is true
(and stop when is false) This was placed in the sound.xml (and in soundai.xml
too) The same, placed in a simboject won’t work The following is the code in
the Simboject behaviors 1 (>L:XML_car_engine) Is that because the Lvar is
not valid for non aircraft simobjects? Is there a way to add .wav sound to non
aircraft simbobject or must we use Wwise? Another thing that doesn’t works is
the sound doesn’t loop: When Continuous=“False” works ok, no loop When
Continuous=“True” doesn’t work at all When Continuous property set, doesn’t
work at all Thanks!

I went straight to Wwise for the sound of a ship. It differentiates between
sounds and AI sounds. I assume AI sounds apply to anything that isn’t
controllable inside the sim like aircraft switches are, so perhaps you need
Wwise to control that for you instead. You apply the looping and attenuation
inside the Wwise editor. Here’s a working example.

I have not been able to use .wav in non-player simobjects, no. Wwise seems to
be the only way.

Thanks @superspud and @WombiiActual , Just want to make sure that the team can
investigate about the possibility, and, if confirmed that is not possible,to
modify the documentation accordingly (And then will bite the bullet and learn

Those were the only two videos I needed to make a simple Wwise file.
But you do have to play the first one at 0.1x speed on a very, very large 8k

Hello @mamudesign , I am afraid that wwise is the only solution. I’m going to
do some tests because I was told that wav sound should work for all types of
simobjects but it seems that this is not the case. Same thing about
“continuous”. Thanks, Regards, Boris

Hi @mamudesign , I would like to do more tests. Could you give me a sample
that reproduces the issue with continuous ? [See 3) Provide Private
bug-or-crash.html) Thank you :slight_smile: Regards, Boris